+ Our services
Currently, we focus on materials used for packaging, insulation, printing and thermoforming. You may refer to our product list (hyperlink to “Products”) to see if any of the various brands and types of plastic sheets and films that we currently keep in stock is suitable for your needs.

Conversion service

If your requirements is going to be very specific, rest assured! Just ask our team for whatever adjustments that you may need, be it any form, size or shape.We can cut roll to sheet form, cut to different sheet sizes or slit to different widths.

Ad-hoc procurement

If you cannot find what you are looking for, even from our extensive list, we would definitely assist you with your ad-hoc sourcing needs with no less commitment, integrity and trustworthiness.

Door-to-door delivery
Our door-to-door delivery service is the final stage of the hassle-free purchasing experience we aim to offer.

+ Our marketing strength
- Abundant range of stock
Because our infrastructure is capable of keeping a large amount of stock, we are able to help our customer secure the nessesary material promptly and duly, which is crucial in this volatile market.
- Extensive network
We are flexible in our procurement, and have extensive professional relationships with suppliers as well as with logistics service partners.
- Cooperative business mindset
We always keep our ears close to the ground for new business opportunities to cooperate with partners oversea. We are more than willing to share, learn and improve in order to better fulfill and even anticipate customers’ needs and demands.
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